App Development

Mobile Computing is growing tremendously and 75-80 % of world population today owning a phone today. Offering mobile solution become necessary as more and more users are preferring to use mobile over other channels. i2data Systems offer solutions in latest Mobile Technologies related to Native App, Mobile Web and Hybrid App Development –

  • Scoping, Planning and Competitive Analysis of Mobile Solutions suitable of the particular business problem
  • Design and Development of Frameworks suitable for Native, Mobile Web and Hybrid Apps
  • Integration, Responsiveness, Optimization and performance aspects
  • Device Integration: Windows, iPhone and Android (both Phone and Tablet version)

App Test Automation

Adopting right approach for App Testing is one of the major decision, organization need to make to get success with the mobile channel. We do offer Apps testing ranging from Manual, Automation and Emulator testing. Automation covers aspects of testing which include Apps Usability, Security, Integration and Regression testing. i2Data Systems, as technology partner, we take care of end to end testing needs with following services -

  • Providing Comprehensive Strategy for app testing
  • Design and development of Testing frameworks suitable for various environments
  • Tool evaluation for automations
  • Performing automation testing using tools (Appium and Perfecto Mobile) and Emulators
  • Load/ Performance, Integration and Regression testing of mobile apps
  • Total mobile validation and verification while upgrades and test backward compatibility