Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) become the main necessity of any organization is the Information Technology industry which offers to open the business logic to various application within or outside the organization. It is one of primary factor for making the origination to become successful and decouple the business logic for easy maintenance, reuse and share the information easily across organizations. i2Data Systems support to setup the infrastructure using Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) principles and development of web services using various technologies like .net or java technologies.

The services offered include -

  • Setting up the business logic components and integrate with various architectural layers
  • Supporting multiple formats and data conversions at the middleware level
  • Exposing legacy data to service and integrate with web front ends
  • Integration with ESB, XML Services, and Service follow using Enterprise Integration Design Patterns
  • Converts data format suing XML, JSON, FIX, HL7 formats and parsers
  • Integrate with the enterprise services with portal, mobile apps and bridge the link between applications sand service integration

The ESB service offer provide the organization developing, deploying, routing, protocol conversion, data conversion, integration, message transformation and supporting and upgrading the technologies and infrastructure.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing model delivers Internet based IT Services and applications using set of cloud technologies and tools based on browser. The Cloud services include Storage, Data Management, API, Software, Infrastructure. Cloud solutions helps to brings down the costs of development (Pay as you go Model), Agile, Convenient, Access globally, can expand elastically with no time. Mainly it contains 3 models: Infrastructure as a service (Iass), Platform as a Service(PaaS) and Software as a Service(SaaS). Also, it has three types of clouds; Public, Private Hybrid clouds. We cover all these models and offer end to end solutions which include -

  • AWS, Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure Dynamic Scaling solutions
  • Converting Legacy/ Traditional Infrastructure to Cloud based for Productivity and High Availability
  • Migrating the applications to Cloud Architecture and configuring as per Enterprise Standards
  • Cloud Based affordable platform solutions to run applications like e-commerce or CRM applications
  • Support, Upgrade and Deploy critical applications on the cloud environment

Server Management

Server Management focus on monitoring and maintaining servers and applications in production to make sure the services are available without interruption to customers. Our support team take care infrastructure and monitoring needs seamlessly from small to large organizations. Server management offerings include -

  • Install and Configure software on production infrastructure (Both Cloud and Traditional)
  • Build, Deploy and monitoring of the enterprise applications
  • Data Center and Infrastructure management, App Server, Web and Database Server management
  • Technical Support and Application Upgrade and Operations
  • Application monitoring, Patching and maintenance of applications
  • Problem, Asset, Server management solutions
  • Remote Infrastructure administration and management of any servers and any databases

Process Automation

Enterprise Process Automation is activity of integrating and automating existing business operations, which helps to reduce the time of production and process issues. This involved automating, arranging Sensors, capturing the data and analysis and coming with conclusion. Process automation gives advantages which includes, reduce man power, reduce errors, faster output and increase the quality. i2Data evaluate/ re-evaluate existing process and come up with optimized alternatives for the organization. We also, offer data conversion and process data analysis. We do offer these services in all fields of engineering process which includes, but not limited to, Mechanical, Electrical, Plant Operations, Health care and Financial as well. Services offered -

  • Plant operations Automation and Analysis of process data
  • Data analysis of various engineering process Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic devices
  • Data conversion: Fix (Financial Information Exchange), Health Care HL7 Data, Engineering Process Data Conversion
  • Captured Sensor data (both structured and non-structured) analysis, provide aggregate and reconciled data

Production Support

Continuous operations and system maintenance is key to business success. Proper Maintenance involves System Monitoring, Software Upgrades, Analyzing and Handling Load issues, identify Security Threats, System Stability and Reliability. i2data covers end to end production support in these areas suitable for small to large organizations. Services include -

  • Defines SLAs, System Upgrade Process and Escalation procedures
  • Assessment, Handling Product Incidents and Service Requests
  • 24/7 Technical Support at various levels and conduction Products calls
  • Monitor the application in Production and provide System Health Analysis
  • Log review production logs using Splunk and provide System Analytics
  • Perform System Maintenance/ Upgrade and Patches